Imagine the joy of a child with his or her face immersed in a mango. Can you see the juice dripping off their chin as they bite and slurp at the same time trying to capture all the goodness.

That is why we are planting a fruit orchard, to bring joy into the lives of children who have already suffered many sorrows in their short lives. As adults we also realize the nutritional value the fresh fruit will provide in the children’s diet. It is HOSA’s goal to provide the best possible opportunity for a health filled life for the children entrusted to our care.

According to the WFP, 63% of the population live below the poverty line and over 40% live on $1.25 per day.  A UNICEF study on multi-dimensional poverty found that in the dimension of child protection 9 out of 10 children ages 10 – 14 are affected and 72% of children aged 5-14 experienced health deprivation.

In eSwatini, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is 26%.  A high nutrient diet is required. The nutritional status of the child is strongly interrelated with the progression of HIV.


Knowing this, I would personally like to invite you to help us establish this orchard that will not only feed the children but will also establish a small industry leading toward economic sustainability.

Tom Chittick

Retired Professor of Agriculture

Andrews University, Michigan


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