INTSABA was acquired by Saving Orphans Through Healthcare and Outreach (SOHO), a 1075 acre, scenic mountain farm, for development of a holistic children’s Village with safe housing, education, agriculture, health care and all infrastructure needed for a child to thrive. Healthy nutrition will be an earmark of the program with children tested for quality of health as well as of performance periodically. Faith in God will be encouraged as key to emotional and psychological wellbeing and children will be nurtured to embrace their God-given worth and to develop inner strength.

Intsaba farm.png

One of the gravest problems facing orphans and vulnerable children is a lack of safety. In a polygamous society, children are easily displaced at the death of a caregiver. Siblings are often sent to whoever might agree to take them in. With grannies already taxed with care giving at a time when they anticipated being cared for, children grow up without the loving guidance and care necessary for healthy development.